• Mike Jones

Broan HRV - HRV160TE

Comfort never felt so good!

Broan HRV - HRV160TE
DISCOVER THE NEW GENERATION OF BROAN AIR EXCHANGERS: ULTRA-EFFICIENT AND ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY The HRV160 ECM has been designed to be one of the most eco-friendly HRV air exchangers on the market. Its innovative design incorporates extremely high performance ECM* motors, which enable the HRV160 ECM to significantly lower energy costs without affecting its performance. Additional energy efficiency is achieved through its advanced heat recovery core, which can retain up to 80% of the home’s heating. The HRV160 ECM surpasses energy-saving standards while providing effective heat recovery, ventilation and quiet operation. All aspects have been designed to facilitate balancing of air flow and simplify uses and installation

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